Network Web Cams

Have you considered adding the ability connecting via a URL network web cam instead of one connected directly to the PC?

Just a thought. A feature some of the network cams have is the ability to do snapshots on a regular basis either overwriting the previous shot or even doing a set number of snapshots and once it has cycled through x-number of times, it starts over again. In my case I ftp up to my ISP then I have a html viewer that can be viewed one shot at a time or another that shows all the shots(beta testing).

I’m aware that I can also use the animated gif feature inside WD to get these snaps from my URL and let WD create my own web cam animated shots which is what I’m playing around with now.

I’m using AXIS PTZ 2130 and the 2100 models. Excellant quality. I also tried the newest Veo model and unfortunately I ended up sending that back to do poor craftmanship as the camera isn’t worth the money and very, very poor network communication/server ability. They need more techincal work done for that unit. I guess you get what you pay for…