Network Camera


I am setting up a new network camera that has a server built in and it is uploading a picture itself independent of WD and at a faster rate than I upload WD.

You should be able to add an image tag to datahtm3.txt like this:

<img src="pathToImage/video.jpg"></img>

Thanks, I figured it out (after I thought about it). After all day of setting up a new computer, WD, network, and moving 10 gigs over to the new one, I think I was a bit brain dead. It’s working, thanks! :smiley:

also, you could get wd to download that image from that url using the http download (and set username /password if needed),and then use the 3rd party web cam setup to use that file that has been downloaded

Which network cam do you have?

Are you saying have WD download the shot from MY webpage and WD send it back up on it’s next FTP? Or, are you saying WD can query my netcam for a shot and then WD ftp’ing with my weather on the next upload? If the later, I was not aware WD was able to do that(so I got IS). I have not been able to get IS to talk to this camera but I am reasonably certain (see below) that it will as soon as I figure it out.

The camera I am talking about here is the D Link 2100+ with the audio disabled. I am having problems with it too, because it will FTP a snapshot on schedule for about 15 hrs and stopping FTP’ing although the camera is working and I can connect to it. I have to pull the power and power up again for it to go another 15 hours.

I also have a D Link 1000W working on another WD setup at my cabin. Since I am on dialup there, I have IS query it for a snapshot and put in a file for WD to grab. That set up works flawlessly and can probably run forever. All of my network gear at both houses is D Link because I want to stick with one brand. The cameras work fine except for the glich above that I will evently work through, but I would give the picture quality a B-/C+ and price a B+. You see what won! :smiley:

Check out this thread for some info on DCS 900 file transfer

I’ve been thinking of the DCS 1000W, some good deals around now they are discontinued. Have you tried other lenses? I would be interested in a wider angle.

No, have not checked out other lenses, but my 1000W works fine. I noticed in the D Link knowledge base that there was a question about finding additional lenses, but I didn’t read through it. You might check there.

I’ve been playing around with a D-Link DCS-1000W network webcam. I couldn’t get it to work wirelessly since D-Link seems to have a different interpretation of the WEP encryption standard than Linksys who made the rest of my gear. It’s been raining or overcast this week, so there’s not a lot of light but the image quality seems to be pretty good.

Which direction is it facing, i.e. does it get direct sunlight in the lens (when the clouds disappear!). I thought I’d found the answer to my problem with a pair of colour CCD cameras with auto-iris, but I tried them a week or two ago and the sun blinds them for about 4-5 hours in the day. Unfortunately I don’t have many north facing windows in ths house (and none of those are suitable for a camera) so I have no option but to point the camera in a direction where it’s going to get direct sunlight into the lens for significant periods.

I wondered about a pan/tilt camera and then automatically pointing it to a part of the sky that didn’t have the sun in, but I don’t know if that’s possible and in any case pan-tilt wireless cameras aren’t cheap :frowning:

It’s NNW at the moment so I’m not going to have to worry about the sun for a few months.

If you really want to do this properly I suspect you need a “real” camera, Sony or something, with a good lens and a capture card but even then direct direct sun is going to be a no-no. Interesting thread recently on slashdot including this link to an Axis webcam with wifi and remote control