Need Help with Sunrise /Sunset Settings in WD & WDL

Hi. After having my site up and running on WD / WDL for a number of years…I just realized that the sunrise/ sunset times are totally off.
I am in the US, Eastern time zone, and it is showing sunrise at 8:45 PM, and sunset at 8:18 am. !!
Obviously incorrect.
I went in and double checked my settings for SUN/MOON Set and Rise times in control panel, and it has my Latitude at: 035:56:22 , long at: -078:47:40. This all appears correct after converting to minutes/seconds from my actual lat of 35.939560 and long of -78.794480. (Same settings in my Vantage Pro2 console)

You can see my site at:

Any help in fixing this is most appreciated!

Any help in getting this setting correct

WD uses astronomical lat/long, so any longitude W of Greenwich is entered as plus. I think you’ll find there are lots of clues on the settings page. . . :wink:

Correct, but being in the US, I am EAST of Greenwich, so, as indicated in the settings page, using a “-” is correct for my area.

The US is west of Greenwich (London, UK)

Thanks all for this very simple correction.
I’d like to blame it on my age, but I’m not really that old. So, I guess it was laziness and the desire to fix it quickly.
Thanks to all.