Need Help Getting My Amcrest Camera onto Wunderground

I has an Amcrest 8-Megapizel PoE Outdoor camera and have successfully mounted it and am getting video on my desktop. However, I have tried for two weeks to get it onto my PWS on Wunderground. Is there anyone that might give me some help?

Double check your API key for the webcam…each device connecting to WU now has it’s own key. And make sure your image is not over the limit in filesize…I can’t remember what the limit it but think it might be 125k…not sure if they limit the dimensions for cam images or not. If you need more help let me know…

The problem I am having is that I can’t FTP into the suggested wunderground IP address. The password is always rejected. And it appears from other forums that this seems to be a common unresolved problem.

Can you login to your account from your browser?

Sorry for being late answering. Yes, I can sign in to Wunderground. The problem comes when I try to use ftp and it won’t take my username and/or password.

The login credentials for your wx station and webcam are as shown in the attached image (blacked out of course).
Do not use the same credentials you use to login to the WU site with your browser. Each device now has it’s own login credentials.

So did you get it working?

Not yet. I’m going to try again tomorrow. Appreciate your continuing help!

I’m lost again. Got the ID and Key. How do I login with these?

Sorry I’m so dumb about this. How do I get the FTP s/w to do this?

Login to WU and copy down your ID (username) and Key (password) from My Devices for your webcam, then put them in as shown in the attached.

Note that your webcam image must be smaller than 150K in size.

NorCal Dan

Very useful post, this help-me to finally got my web cam online for the first time…


Glad it helped Rich…hopefully daughn can get his working as well…

this is the best thing, forum members helping forum members
good stuff :slight_smile:

Still cannot get my webcam on Wunderground. I am troubled about the line: "Login to WU and copy down your ID (username) and Key (password) from My Devices for your webcam, then put them in as shown in the attached). Where do I put the ID and Key from my device? Doesn’t appear anywhere on your screen grabs. At least I didn’t understand it.

Also, what do I pick for the webcam image (jpg)?
Maybe I shouldn’t post this, but need the help. See below to the Capture.jpg
In the wugrab2, what do I put in for the FTP username and password? Those entries I am not sure of. It says to enter the WU password but that probably isn’t the one I signed into my WU account, right? It says to do that however, but it doesn’t work.

From your screen grab you have the necessary credentials for sending WU an webcam image. As shown in my earlier screen grabs (;topic=69044.0;attach=69595), you would enter DaughnCAM15 as your Username and xnO2Dyja for password in the WD setup screen as shown.

Note on that same screen grab under → Select Webcam Image File [jpg] ← you will see the file I have selected on my D: to be sent to WU. I have WD managing my webcam image but you could have another “source” producing a local image captured from your webcam, just click that Select button and “point” to the image you want to send. Remember there is a 150K file size limit.

Where do I get something like your ipwebcam.jpg you referenced

Where do I get something like the file you have in D:/wdisplay/webfiles ?

From Weather Display :wink:

Where do I find this WD screen with tabs? I have looked everywhere on WD and still cannot locate this page of yours.

that is a screen shot of the separate running wdwebcamcapture.exe program