Need bit of help with clientraw.txt location ** solved **

been setting up the PWS dashboard.
in the setup page
Live data file we will use
Is not working for me. #-o

Thank you

It appears it is in your web root.
try …/clientraw.txt

As @blainec said you should change in easyweathersetup the location to …/clientraw.txt

You can always check the location and contents of your clientraw.txt
=> Module test PWS_Dashboard => left-second button with the current link “/clientraw.txt”
All files are listed in the dropdown, the “realtime” data file, as set in easyweather, is always the first one

The meaning of the the relative addressing part:
./ => same folder as the starting script => in this case pwsWD
/ => the root of your providers or your webserver, never use that one
…/ => 1 folder below the starting script => => this is were your clientraw exists.


It’s working
Thank you all for your help much appreciated sometimes my dyslexia get the better of me