Names for VP Extra Temp Sensors

I wanted some extra temp sensors for the Vantage Pro so I got the leaf/soil/temp station which takes 3 temp sensors. Some time when you have a minute :slight_smile: it would be nice to add the possibility to have custom naming for the temp sensors, now I have CPU heatsink temp but it shows as soil. I could fix that in the html, but not on the gif’s.

do you mean the vp uv solar gif (which also plots the exta sensors there)
and or which gids do you mean (URL so I can see)
thanks (then I will know exactly where you mean)

Unfortunately now I’m 250 miles away fom the machine it is only displaying “soil” intermittently. I suspect I put the unit at a marginal distance from the console. Anyway, I’ll try to catch it and make a copy of the webpage, or it’ll just have to wait for next weekend…

It came back, at least for one upload…

I have 2 temp sensors connected to the leaf/soil/temp station.

On the default webpage and regular WD screen I only see temp sensor #1, and it’s called soil.

It would be nice if that “soil” could be replaced with a user choice label. It’s not a real big deal in the default “last reading” data table since I could use the tags and customize the html, but I can’t customize the screen view (kirkwood.gif) where it shows below the wind meter, or the alltimerecords*.gif’s.

Ideally this would be part of the station setup. I could see that someone using the leaf/soil/temp station for it’s intended use would also like to be able to label the channels differently, not just me who’s using it for general temp sensing.

I also don’t know how to get the second (or third) sensor showing.

ok, i will look at doing this tomorrow…
for the 2nd/3rd. you could use the auto scale graphs, customise them, and tick to use the extre temperature…
or tick to upload the extra sensor real time graph, and use its setup to display the data/lines…

i have not forgeten about this
now, under view, vp extra temp/hums sensors, you can set names there
i just need to then assign those names to instead of soil temperature

Thanks, that would be great. I set up an automatic search and replace for the default page so the table now says “CPU” instead of soil (at least so long as the sensor is in communication with the console) and that will keep me going for a while.

i have made the changes
uploading vers e now

I got 4.88. I don’t have sensors attached to this PC but I think it should work, however I’m not having much success.

I have soil temp selected under station type extra vp sensors. My view/ Davis VP extra temp/hum sensors looks like this

I have temp and hum #1 and then a lot of empty space before t & h #5 and #6. There are no # 2,3,4 showing.

I can use the “set sensor name” button in the sensor #1 box, but it doesn’t change the main screen displayed name.

Whatever I type in the box on the right side of the screen over the “soil sensor name to use” reverts to “soil” regardless of how I check the “log the data” or “use this new name” boxes.

Am I supposed to change the name in the individual sensor boxes, or in the box on the right?

Should I be seeing boxes for #2,3,4?

ok, i will test (thats not like me!)
2 nite…

That fixed it, great job Brian, thank you very much! :smiley: :smiley: