My new website

I want to wish you all an happy new year.
I also want to thank you for your help to create my website.
You will find it changed but it is not finished

I hope you will tell me what is stil wrong or what has to be changed to be a good weather website.



It looks good. A couple of suggestions to improve it even more:

  1. I think the map in the banner at the top should show where your station is, but it’s very small and not easy to see.

  2. There is a lot of information on the page and a lot of images, as well as WDL. This makes the page quite big and slow to download. People with slow connections might think it takes too long to load. Maybe you could split the page into a number of other pages linked by a menu system. A small quick loading front page will attract people to the site and they can then link to bigger pages if they want to.

I agree with Chris about possible speed issues, but I do actually like the layout, and the use of maps etc.

Tres Bon Mon Ami!


Nice layout.

But you are Breaking the golden rule of images on a website. If you want an image to be a specific size on the page, make the image that size. Don’t use width and height tags to change the size of the images. Browsers are optimized for speed not image quality and normally the result is much worse than if you changed the image in an editor first.

This can also drastically slow down the loading of the page because you are loading a much larger image than you are displaying.

Other issues:

[ul][li]Improper page format. You have statements before the start of the page[/li]
[li]Too much clutter. Multiple animated weather vanes and other stuff is distracting[/li]
[li]Multiple moving banners. One is normally enough, more make the page too busy[/li]
[li]Menu bar is not there if javascript is disabled. Provide an alternative using [/li]
[li]You have content coming from all over the place. Some of it with non-standard Ports (like 82)[/li]
[li]Set a title for your page, looks better than Sans titre or “Page Title”[/li]
[li]Should move slower content to another page and keep the start page lean, and fast loading[/li]

Map image should most likely be a sold color rather than topographical as it is too small to get the detail:

Make your splash pictures the same size:

They will then load faster and look clearer than having the browsers do the resizing for you. Some of your current splash images are larger than all of the above combined.

Just some suggestions…


I would like to choose “setup” while looking at WDL, at the moment only the button for record is available.

Regards Jocke


I made some changes on my web site. Thanks for your help.
You can tell me what you think about this new version.


Isablle :wink:


I’m still making some changes on my website.
You will find it here :

Please tell me what you think about it.

Cheers from France

Isabelle :wave: