Multiple Weather Web Pages (multiple ftp uploads)


I am moving my weather web page to a new server. I’d like WD to upload data to both the old server and the new server while the DNS change is propagating on the Internet.

I cannot seem to get the “Second FTP Upload” to work properly, and am wondering if that is even the thing I need to set up to accomplish what I need to do.

A look at the FTP log shows the following happening during an FTP session:

  1. Data uploaded to ARPS and weatherunderground.
  2. Connection made to 2nd FTP server; no files uploaded (do I have to specify every file I want it up upload individually??)
  3. Connection to NOAA to download weather warnings, forecasts, etc.
  4. METAR info downloaded
  5. Finally, the connection is made to the primary specified FTP site and the weather site is updated.

It seems odd to me that the second ftp site is connected to before data is downloaded to update the weather page, so maybe that area isn’t what I want to set up.

Is there a way to have WD upload my custom weather page on two servers?


you should be able to use the general FTP , and add in the file to upload, and the remote names, and tick to upload the files to a 2 nd ftp server (and have those details setup)
i use this funciton myself…works well…
yes, it does do this ftp before the main one, but normaly it is for files that are uploaded less often than the main ftp…

do a screen shot of the general ftp setup and post here or email to me