MTD and YTD records reset on 17th March

Hi all.
I was looking at the WD main screen on 17th March when I saw the alarm LED was flashing. I clicked on it and the Current Month panel opened and the record wind speed LED was flashing. This seemed very odd as it was almost still and the new record showed 1.7KM/Hr which was clearly silly. Then I noticed all the monthly records had reset and then I found so had the yearly records! All time records has not reset.
I did nothing and I am aware of no strange event. There is nothing in program event log.
WD had been running for around seven days when this “just happened”.
Any ideas?
Running 10.37Q b32

I do not know why that happened to you
(other than it must have been like that either due to a corrupted data on last start up or similar (that data is stored in the wdisplay.ini file (good idea to have that backed up daily))
no problems like here, and no other reports of a problem like that

if your logfiles are in good order, then you can convert the logfiles to data files, and tick to convert all, under aciton
and then WD will re check for all time records from your logfiles

Thanks for that Brian,
I do a daily back up of the default file list in WD to a NAS.
The odd thing is WD has been running faultlessly for me for a long time. (except for below)

My log files are not in good order due to the problem with 9AM reset and end of month reported here a few weeks ago. I don’t want to start sorting them out till you are able to have a look at this as it makes a bit of a mess at each month end in the log files. A couple of other Aussie users have reported the same thing.