Moving WD from One PC to Another

Brian, or anyone,

I want to move WD from my present PC to a second PC that I now have and that is being used solely for utility work.

My question is, what files do I need to copy to the second PC at the time I decide to hook up my Lacrosse 2010 Interface to the second PC.

In other words I am trying to preserve my data etc. so that it moves from one PC to another and allows me to then continue sending my Lacrosse data over the internet with a minimum of interruptions.

Also, do I need to ask for a new Registration Code when I install WD on the second PC? Can I just register WD on the second machine and use the Registration Code I got when I first purchased WD?

I would appreciate guidance on thie registration code question and also on moving files and the specific files I need to copy and move from one machine to the other.

Arthur C

Online help describes all the steps.


Had to do it after a PC died.

No new or old WD registration code needed.

Pay attention to how to register the program to windows

Henderson, NC

My Registry has two keys named wdisplayftp.ini, one under HKEY USERS and the other under KKEY CURRENT USER.

I compared these two and find that they are not identical, but many of the settings are the same.

My question is, when moving WD to my other PC, do I export both of these Registry Keys?

I am currently using WD version 10.15g

Also, do I have to install WD on my other computer, or do I just copy all the files in C:wdisplay to the other computer, or perhaps I have to do BOTH?

where wd stores its data depends on how a user is logged in to windows
now, when you go action, back up registry entry, wd users the default format for the registry
but when you double click that wdisplayftp.reg file on the new pc that wd created in the webfiles folder, then it will into the registry in a default way . i.e [HKEY_CURRENT_USER
now, if after doing that, wd is not picking up the data correct, and the settings in the other registry entry are changing ,then export the other registry entry
then change the one wd created to be the same
i.e replace

I’m also doing the new installation of WD and this registration move to the new installation is what I don’t understand.

Brian you says on the previous message :
No new or old WD registration code needed.

the registration code for wd will be different on the new pc
(just email me the new code required, if it is needed)

OK, thanks Brian.

What I did when I moved mine…

[ul][li]Used the backup registry setting in WD[/li]
[li]Backed up the entire wdisplay32 directory (for me it was in c:\program files\Wdisplay32 ) onto a CD.[/li]
[li]I loaded a brand new WD from the installation program downloaded from into the same location on the new PC.[/li]
[li]I then copied the entire contents of the CD on top of that installation.[/li]
[li]I then executed the registry file that was generated when I backed it up in WD[/li]
[li]and then ran the program and it was registered and all settings as if it never moved.[/li][/ul]

Pretty clean.

Thank you

My PC died, but I am able to get my weather data off the hard drive.
Can you tell me where the steps are for moving data from one hard drive to another?
I have over a year of data that I cannot lose.

Thank you in advance.

try this link…

Thank you for your reply.

Since my PC crashed and the OS is not bootable, what do I do about not being able to do the registry backup?

Thank you.

My PC died just over a month ago. First it would only restart in (XP Home) safe mode, then a day later it would not boot at all. I bought a SATA to USB drive caddy. Less than 10 uk pounds off ebay. Mounted my hard drive in that and found all the files. You may be lucky like I was, or unlucky in that it’s actually the drive that has failed. Check your HD to see if it is SATA, IDE or something else and buy and adaptor. If it works and you can read your old drive it’s 10 pounds well spent.

Thank you for your reply, but that was not my question.

I have my data off the old, now dead, hard drive, that is not the issue.
The instructions referenced in the previous message regarding moving data, specifically referred to backing up registry keys from old PC and restoring on new PC.
I am unable to do that as booting to the old hard drive is not an option.

Do I just skip that part or do I need to do something else once I try to run WD on the new machine?

Thank you.

Sorry. I missed the bit about you recovering your old data. Didn’t see that comment until I had replied. :oops:

Sorry, I can’t help with the question about registry keys.

if you did not have a back up of your settings
you will need to re enter those once you have WD installed and running

I appreciate your efforts :slight_smile:

I’m just worried about losing my data and don’t want to do this until I have the right answers.
I’m a Vietnam Veteran who rescues sick and injured animals. I rely on my weather station daily in taking care of these babies.
Plus the data is helping me see patterns.

I greatly appreciate everyone’s input!

Thank you.

for your past datafiles and logfiles folder from the old PC, copy those to the new WD install on the new PC (i.e after installing WD)

Thank you.
I have copied those folders and see my historical data.
However, now WD is not picking up the current data out of my Zephyr.
Any suggestions?

Thank you.

as noted above you will need to set up your settings from scratch
(station type, etc)