Moving historical data to new web host svc and wxtends not updating -

Hello all - Still working on moving from godaddy to e-rice. So far so good - KTRUE is da bomb (to quote what my 12yr old would say) Thanks Ken -

Next issue I am racking my brain over - how to get all the historical data (monthly reports stats, current trends) to the new web host at e-rice. You can see that trends are blank, missing, or incorrect comparing the new: to the old

I have been looking for a relative post - but nothing found yet. Also didn’t see anything in the FAQs regarding this - trying to improve my RTFM skills - LOL

Any help appreciated - many thanks,


Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

For your wxtrends.php issue, you’ll need to use the testtags.txt V1.06 (you’re running V1.01) to get the entries used by the wxtrends.php page.

For the other files you’ll need for wxhistory.php, you’ll need to replace the [Month][year].html on your website. Files are named like September2009.html, August2009.html (etc.). Find master copies of the current files in your c:\wdisplay\webfiles folder and upload those to your new site.

You could also upload the daily graphs (named YYYYMMDD.gif , like 20091011.gif for yesterday’s file) from c:\wdisplay\webfiles too. Not really needed, but will be shown (if found) in the wxhistory.php page.

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testtags.txt (39.7 KB)

You did it again. Thanks.

Worked like a champ.

Fantastic help on this board for WD, templates, etc. Thank-you.

You’re very welcome!

Glad you’re having fun with the scripts/templates :slight_smile:

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