Moviemaker error (2)

sure to have the full install exe ?
see att

Hi, just checked movie maker log & it says version 7.1, if I click on the movie maker icon in the WD folder it says version, not a problem its all working ok.


edje1205, currently you are the only one I know who is getting this error
(which is why I suspect its associated with windows 2000 )

Now back to 37Rb56 Moviemaker II 6.6
Hm yes I believe it’s that

that error avcodec-54.dll error: Can not find the specified procedure

I did a system check couple of days before the error, and some ‘not needed’ extensions
were removed, So I’m wondering what the specified procedure in avcodec-54.dll error is

What procedure does it looking for Brian ?

Maybe this can help me out ! Hope this is not too much work for you !!!

will be something missing from windows 2000
I dont think there are many people still using windows 2000 (which is not support/patched any more by Microsoft)