Moved from XP to Win 10 then to Win 7 Enterprise

Had Weather Display loaded on an old XP system, tried updating it, too many .dll issues. Tried doing a clean install into another directory. More .DLL issues. Gave up as they want to retire this old system.
Did a clean install on a WIN 10 system and installed with no issues. Connected the weather station Vaisala WXT510 and everything started working after changing baud rate to 19200 and has been working for 2 days with no issues. Installed Weather Display on the Win 7 Enterprise system, again installed with no issue. Set it up for Com 1 and baud rate 19200 just like the Win 10 system…NOTHING!!!

The only difference other than OS is the Win 10 system is a Dell and the Win 7 Ent is a HP

Any clues???

maybe the usb to serial convertor and driver?

re running the latest on XP, there are a number of threads about that
(you need to make sure that XP has all the latest updates and patches (google for them)
then only update via the .zip update

Not using one. The connection to the weather station is a direct cable from it to the PC with a Power supply connection.

Gave up on the XP. Used the .zip and all I got was a bunch of .DLL issues. They want to retire the XP system and move it to the Win 7 Enterprise system.

It works fine on my Win 10 system but when I connect it to the Win 7 system, nothing happens

Are you sure it’s connected to Com 1 (if multiple com ports)?

Have you checked the status of the serial port in W7 Device Manager?

Yes, both PCs only have one Com port which is COM1

Yes, I have, it says "the device is working properly (whatever “properly” is)

re the .zip update on xp
you need to unzip to where you have WD installed already (xp compatible version)
and run from there
normally you would be using a usb to serial adaptor and driver
and then windows allocates a comport for that (e.g com 3)

OK, so why does the weather station work on a PC with Windows 10 and not on one with Windows 7. All the settings are the same…

The direct connection from the Vaisala weather station works on the Windows 10 (and the old XP PC) also. Don’t need to use a serial to USB adapter.

is it plugging into a usb port?
its not very clear

OK, one more time

The connection comes from the Vaisala Weather station into a RS232 connector which connects to the serial port on the computer. This works fine on the XP system and the Windows 10. Gives me data and updates regularly. However, when I put this cable on the Windows 7 system, nothing happens. The software installed with no issue and at this point, I’m going to try an USB-serial adapter. I would do that today, but left it in my other office. Don’t see why this should make a difference.

is it an older PC, i.e big box, that stands tall, and had a built in serial port? (i.e a desktop pc)
(its just that you don’t come across people still using so much, instead people use laptops more (less power use)

It is an HP Desktop. It’s working now I’m using a USB- Serial Adapter

Now the issue is getting it to register using the code you sent