Move to differnt pc

I am trying to move WD from a pc running XP Pro to one running 98. I installed 9.84 then copied the ini file to the windows directory and the log foldes to the wdisplay directory. When WD starts I get an error

“Error ‘276|’ is not a valid integer at time/date…”

The date and time is the start time of WD. Dallas AAG V3.


Hi Steve,
Did you obtain a new Registration Code from Brian for the new PC?

How do i install onto another PC?. Copy the data files, log files, and web files folders across, then also wdisplay.ini from c:\winnt or c:\windows and export/import wdisplayftp.ini from the registry. (!) and send me the new code shown in the "Register" menu.
Good Luck.

I find it very stable under W98. You might try to see if it will run as a clean install first, and then copy the legacy files over to isolate the problem.

The legacy files?

There are a ton of registry entries for WD as well. There are probably some setting in the ini that depend on registry settings. You could export the registry from XP and import that to 98.


I tried that but 98 kept telling me that it was not a registry file.


The legacy files?

I don’t know how compatible your XP files with be with 98 which is a very different OS. My suggestion is that you first do a clean install under 98 and make sure the program is working, and only then try copying the ini etc to bring in your previous data and settings. You could also make a copy of the 98 version of the files first so you have something to compare if WD doesn’t work with the XP files.

Thanks for all the help. The problem turned out to be in the ini from the windows directory. I did a clean install and just re-setup everything.