More than one temp sensor on WDL?

I want to add two more temp sensors for WDL to display (one for a temp in the shade, and another for for my cellar where winter temps need to be monitored for freezing…).

Any ideas if there is a tag in wdlconfig.xml …? I could not find mention of any, but I haven’t yet made it exhaustively thru the doc.

thx all.


Are you using extra sensors? If so no problem - you can have upto 16 in WD.


Julian, I want to order two addtl sensors, and I know WD can support it, but can WDL display it?
If so, where in the wdlconfig.xml do you find the tag to enable display?
Something like or thereabouts.

I’m not sure if WD can export those as extra sensors - if it can then WDL can display it. Brian should be able to answer this…


yes, wd can provide extra sensor (temperature/humidity) to wdl…
i.e i could add to the clientrawextra.txt

actualy, extra temperature and humidity are already in the clientraw.txt file
(see in the clientrawdescription.txt)
20.8 extra temperature sensor (oc)
22.6 " 3rd " " "
-20.0 " 4th " " "
-20.0 " 5th " " "
-20.0 " 6th " " "
-20.0 " 7th " " "
0.0 " extra humidity " (%)
0.0 " 3rd humidity " (%)
0.0 " 4th humidity " (%)

WDL doesn’t use those values at the moment. What I was unsure of was whether WD could at the moment make those sensors appear as ‘extra sensors’?


I would like to be able to label the 2nd temp sensor as ‘Shade’ and the 3rd temp sensor as ‘Cellar’
and have them both show up as gauges or bars on the website.

Do you see that as possible with the current WDL and WD?

edit: I hope you can support this, as I just acquired $300 of temp sensors using your link :wink:

I’m sure we can do it but it might need a modification in WDL if WD can’t currently export those sensors as WD extra sensors in the clientraw file. Brian?


Maybe if Tony provided a URL for his clientraw file we could compare it to the clientrawdescription.txt and see if they are being reported as Extra Temps as is listed in the clientrawdescription.txt?


Bob, I don’t yet have the 2 extra temp sensors hooked up and reporting to the Vantage console. I just ordered them this morning… I expect to have the 2 addtl sensors reporting to WD by next weekend, which is when I can physically get them to the remote weather station.

My line of questioning has been whether this can be done, or has been done already.

If worst comes to worst, I can always remote login to the logging PC and view WD’s display, which hopefully can show the extra temps.
But of course I am hoping that WD can get the data to WDL and that WDL can put it up on the website.

thx all.

they should show up in the clientraw.txt file no problem

OK, thx Brian. Let me recv these two new sensors, install them, and report back next weekend with a link to whatever site display I can come up with.