More stability recently with wdmysql not in systray

Recently I have been running with wdmysql minimised to the task bar rather than the systray, as well as WD (10.36g) running not in systray. I did this as a test because prior to running both like this I would get intermittant problems either with WD or wdmysql especially crashing when shutdown, but only after the system had been running for something between 6 and 9 days. This usually needed a reboot to ensure everthing started clean. This is all on a dedicated PC running W2K btw.

Since doing this I have had WD and wdmysql up for some 17 or 18 days, only closing WD after that in order to get VirtualVP connected. The system and wdmysql have been up for 21 days with no problems at all.

My reason for posting this is two-fold. First has anyone any ideas why this should be? Secondly for anyone having intermittant problems it may be something to try!