More real time graph issues

My real time graph’s time stamps are really strange…this is how they read from left to right
9:32:17 PM,12/26/02
9:31:16 PM, 12/26/02
1:43:12 PM, 12/26/02
9:33:40 AM, 12/28/02

and now I have a chorus of spikes indoor temp, indoor humidity, and barometric pressure. When I use the center panning arrows the graph instead of moving at integrals jumps a couple of days at a time and refuses to pan slowly.
Jon Paul

it does that at regularly intervals once the file size gets to a certain size
just click on clear records, then it should be OK for another week(?).
its a bug of the component i have, nothing i can do, sorry

could you put in a routine to automatically clear the history once or twice a week? or even a box to check or clear that would do it automatically? I’m thinking for some of us who have remote stations that otherwise just run,run,run without any problems.