more data in the popup when move mouse on icon by the clock

did you guys notice that (i.e whyen wd is hidden in system tray (use the arrow in the top right hand corner)
i.e 4 lines of data
last 2 are maximum temperature for the day and maximum gust for the day

there are some errors in the sys-tray lines.After the winddir/speed I get two rectangles before the temp line and again before the max-temp and the max gust…otherwise great…

it doesnt do that on my windows 2000 system!
i just added a line feed and carriage return…which is throwing those boxes up for you…anyone else get those?

It doesn’t display that on my system either, but it also is Windows 2000.


I don’t see this error either. Running XP Pro.

Andy Foppe

must be a win98 thing
i have taken the PC total cpu out from the about, as that did not work on win98 ( i had the understanding the code would)
that would have been a neat trick fro win98 users