Moondetail1 and Moondetail2 not updating

The last Moondetail1 and Moondetail2 update that was posted to my web page was on 7/7/03 and has not updated from that date. Has something changed? Running ver 9.85e and have the box checked to have the files uploaded to the web page… Checked the FTP log files and do not see where it uploaded the files either.

Same thing happened to me Merlin.
I got around it by uploading the moon detail files at a separate time using the general ftp functions in setup.
(I also upload other files there as well to cut down upload time from one big ftp upload every hour into two smaller ftp uploads every 30 minutes)


Been happening here for several months also

note, if you are using the customise internet and file creation, I introduced a separate time for the moon detail image creation and upload
that might be why…
i use the customise and internet file creation, and they are updating and uploading OK

but if you are not using the customise internet and file creation, then its a bug…
also, i will add where wd will add the url to these images automatictly too

ah, i think i have found and fixed the bug
i will upload a new version now

It works just fine… I downloaded ver 9.86 last night and the files were uploaded to the web just fine…

Thanks Brian!!!

9.86 didn’t fix this on my system,proper selections ticked to produce the image but no record of uploading in ftp log.

it only uploads once a day

Thanks Brian had it ticked since yesterday but i will check again tomorrow.

iit will upload at the first upload after 6am in the morning (once 6am has been reached)
(the bug was a flag in the wrong place)