Moon Rise/set wrong time ans date

HI! :smiley:

The date and time is wrong at the moon set and rise.

Moon rise date 13:02 time 22:46
Moon set date 13:02 time 07:52

Moon set date 14:02 time 07:52 is more correct i think?

Anybody else who has this format at the moon rise and set?
Any hints for changing any parameters if i am wrong with my setup?


Set Latitude, Longitude & Altitude CORRECTLY in

Sun/moon rise/set and lat/long setup

This is required as this part of the program
has changed.

Have you also noticed that the Moon phase % also differs between the Moon/Sun extra details and that in the sunmoonimage.jpg It’s 8% off and almost a day different. This is when it is produced on the web page. But if you check this out within the program by accessing the function through the menu Sun/Moon rise/set, they calculate the same. 8O


i am confident i have fixed the moon rise/set etc in vers 9.56
also i have improved the weekly grpah knut, and will revist your barometer issue with the month to date soon (just ttrying to get some other long awaited things finished over the weekened as well!)

:smiley: Fine!

Ok, thanks for the support, and thanks to you Brian for still working hard with the program and your exelent support off course!

I havent notice the date problem before, il be aware off this after installing the latest ver 9.56
I have use the set lat/longitude setup adjustment in the program.

I wait to see if it will be reset to the correct date format after midnight.

Cheers Knut/LA9QFA

if the week graph is stil not correct for m/s knut, email me your week2.inf file

Hi Brian!
It is going the right direction! :smiley:

Now is it only the moonrise and moonset DATE that seems to be mixed up.


try a new 9.56d now…

it is alot better, me thinks!

9.57 should be much better, and you can now change the date on the sun moon setup, and it will show the sun rise/. set/ moon rise/set for that date (once you click on update)

Ok fine Brian :smiley:

This time you do it!
Works fine now with severals metodes of nice configurations,
Thank again for a nice support!

Cheers Knut/LA9QFA

so the moon info is ok for you?
i need to improve the barometer for your weekly report though (if there has been a large change in the barometer

Yes the moon info is now ok, very fine :smiley:

The barometer is still not ok in the moontodate.gif.
The barometer line will not follow the pressure in my location.
It goes outside of the graph when the pressure is over 1024 mb, the same in weekly report.
The weekly reeport needs some adjustment at the wind measurement to
It’s looks like the windscale measurement is in knots when it should be in M/S.

The scale line is mutch to low for the real velocity.

And the wind direction in realtime graph is totaly wrong.

Good luck with the debugging Brian! :slight_smile:

Cheers Knut/LA9QFA

becuase of your large changes in the barometer it is hard to auto scale it

wind scale on the left hand side for week report for m/s basicly doubles when m/s is used compard to knots

Ok Brian! :smiley:

Yes that is understandable.

The meteorologist in Norway warn aboaut the vindforce in M/S.
This is what the public is used to have at the weather report.

If i use the knots rating people in my country will have problems to understand this readings.

I hope you find a solution for this.

Cheers Knut/LA9QFA