%monthtodateminbaro% custom web tag reports 0mb

My averages/extremes for December shows lowest barometer reading was 1001mb. The custom web tag %monthtodateminbaro% reports lowest barometer this month as 0mb. This was working up until a few weeks ago.


try resetting that number, under action, reset selected all time records


Used Action\Reset\Select All Time Records\Current Month\Low Baro.

The view averages/extremes still shows the correct value of 1000mb. The %monthtodateminbaro% is still reporting 0mb.


I have the same issue here. %monthtodateminbaro% shows here as 0, all time records showed 29.802 prior to resetting the value, now 29.843 and todays date after resetting. The daily report shows the correct 29.802 value, but the %monthtodateminbaro% still shows 0. It has been that way the last 3 or 4 versions.


ok, i have just checked
that custom tag uses the barometer value from the month122002.inf graph file

so the value is in that
so, use action, import log files, convert wd log files to grpahs…

use the new tag

%mrecordlowbaro% works just fine, thank you. I knew it was there, but it went right by me. :oops: It does lead to another question: are the record month values saved so that a year from now that will be the point of reference?


that one i have now improved for the next vers so that it wiont use 0hpa

also, that tag uses the current month data file, which is saved

so, I could make more tags to use past months data files, where you specify in the tag the month and year
good idea?

Those would be nice to have.


You appear to have fixed %monthtodateminbaro% in 9.37b. What exactly is the difference between it, and the other tag you suggested?

one is stored via a file, the other is stored in the wdisplay.ini file, and was added after (based on the same system as the all time records), and can be easily reset in wd, etc