%monthtodatemaxwind% not correct


%monthtodatemaxwind% does not seem to be updating in 9.38. On my custom web page I have the following data

%maxavgspd%& reports 14.3mph
%maxaverageyest% reports 13.1 mph
%monthtodatemaxwind% reports 12.7mph

Also, View Averages/Extremes reports
Maximum windspeed = 12.7 mph from 192

Ok, it is updating but I am less convinced it is a units issue.

Now %maxavgspd% has value of 17.5mph and %monthtodatemaxgust% has a value of 15.

15knots = 16.6 mph which would round to 17.

This would mean you are rounding up in some places and truncating in others.