Monthtodate graph

Hi! :smiley:

My monthtodate.gif will not behave as it should.
The rainfalls line is far outside the graph it’self.
I’ts about 29 mm with rain for this month, but the graph measurement stopps at 12.5 mm.

The temperature line has a similar problem, the temp measurement stoppes at 20 degres Ceslius.
I’m wonder if there is some other weather peoples out there who maybe have some hints about this issue?

Thanks in advance.

oh, i have the same problem with the rain (its a new method i have ,i.e plot the runnign total rain
i will fix that.
see mine!

as for the temperature:
its a scaling issue that is a bit hard to perfect,
zip and meail me your month62003.inf file

i have improved this now…uploading a fresh verison

Hi Brian! :smiley:

Ok, the latest update was good, but the temperature line need some adjustment. The temperature line need to higher to register temps over 20 degres C.

Best regard Knut/LA9QFA

zip and email me your month62003.inf data file

vers 9.81 should be better

Hi Brian! :smiley:

I’l check in the webfile folder and the monthtodate.gif is now ok, and the all the graphs lines looks perfekt this time.

There is only one litle problem that remains, the graph do not upload automaticly up to my website.

The graph from yesterday is still at my website today.

Cheers Knut/LA9QFA

its good its much better now
I figured what I was doing wrong
now, the file should get update and uploaded with the daily averages/extreme upload (i.e at 6 minutes past midnight or 6 minutes past 9am)

Hi Brian! :?:

The monthtodate graph haven’t been uploaded to my website since the 25 of June.
It is ok in the webfolder!


humm, it should get uploaded with the dialy averages /extreme upload (it does for me)…
is that being updated?

HI Brian!

Sorry the the dialy averages /extreme upload is neither upload the latest 2 days.

Knut/LA9QFA :?

Hi Brian!

I download the latest version 9.81c.
Then I will come back with a new report … Tomorrow is an other day.

Give it a new try then! :arrow:


Hi ! :smiley:

Works very fine now with the latest update.
Many thank’s for the good support again!!


Hi Brian! :o

Sorry to say but the monthtodate is wrong again.
The rainfall measurement is displaying the last month rainfall (Jun) not July as it should do.

Cheers Knut/LA9QFA

ah, yes…i have the same problem here too…
its becuase i was trying to be too smart with the new monthly grpah file creatino, and just carry on from last months file…
but that was not a good idea
in the latest version the new month starts with a month file that is a clean slate…to avoid that sort of problem
to fix, do a convert log files to graphs (under action, import logfiles, convert wd log files to graphs)

Hi Brian! :slight_smile:

Ok,thats’s fine.
The display window is a little difficult to follow.
I need some more help, what is the coorect file to choose.

Cheers Knut

tick convert grasph files to log files
then choose the file month72003.inf
then click on convert

Hi Brian ! :frowning:

Sorry no success !

Nothing happens at all, when I tickle convert.
I wait for about 5 minutes to see what’s happening.
I also push the OK button afterwards.
WD freeze, and I must do a ctrl_alt-del to close it.

Need more help please!

Cheers Knut/LA9QFA

actualy, i am getting you to do it the wrong way around, sorry
just go to the convert wd log files to graphs, but dont tick convert graph files to log files, and just click on the file 72003lg.txt, and then click on convert and wait fro tyhe success notice


Ok this time the convert was ok.

The days become a little messed up, will this be ok when next day’s update goes?