Monthly summary data missing

In checking the monthly summary data for the months since November 2002, there is no daily data being updated in the “page” November2002.htm, through January2003.htm. Also there appear to be “days” missing in the information that is included. Did I miss a configuration change along the way somewhere?

if wd was not running at your main reset time (midnight or 9am), then that data will be missing (as wd does then not know when one day starts and the other day ends)

Does this mean that we have to have running at midnight or 9 AM to get the correct data? I usually don’t leave my PC running when I’m not home, or asleep (personnal thing - paranoid about leaving things running and having fires started).

Rookie, not to be a smartypants…but as someone told me “you leave your refrigerator run don’t you”? Also, (being a firemen for 18yrs) not to make you paranoid, but all the transformers(that convert power for your printer, speakers, scanner etc.) are just as likely to cause a fire(if defective) do you leave them plugged in? The transformers go about there job whether your PC is on or not.

PS… and for me (when I finally decided to do it) leaving mine on all night cured a lot of problems( I thought I had)especially data and reset issues. Besides most of our weather happens at night around here and although my station continues to record, I have never been able to get all those records to display on WD…just simpler for me to let it run.
:slight_smile: Jon

in theroy the time stamps from the download should beok, but davis handles midnight in a weird way
post your midnight roll over from a download here

i agree with john
computers are best left running
its the heating and cooling all the time tat expands then shrinks all the solder joints on the motherboard which leads to cracks and then big problems
i have 3 pc’s running non stop
no problems
wd ran on one for 9 weeks…power cut finally stopped it

Which file do you need?

As for the fire part, as I said, it’s a personnal thing. As a computer service tech for 20 years, at least once a year I’ve seen a customer come in with a monitor or PC with a PS/ fly-back xformer that went up in smoke, and destroyed the machine. My sister had a laptop with a battery that over-charged, melted the case, and left scorch marks on her desk. I realize that it’s impractical to turn everything off when one leaves/goes to bed, but I like to limit my exposure to possible problems. Just paranoid, I guess.

zip and email me
after a over night download

vacuuming out the power supply and motherboard every now and then helps (no matter if the pc is left on or not!)

( I am a ex rural firefighter)

22003lg.txt zipped and sent.