Monthly report / NOAA report upload

I upgraded to 9.78d on 05/25/2003 at 8.45 am - since then my Noaa and monthly averages/extremes on my web server have not been updated.

In my webfiles folder the May2003 is up to date, but the Noaa has not been updated since 05/24/2003. Something appears to be broken!

Any ideas Brian?


After upgrading to 9.79 the monthly report on my webserver was uploaded last night. However the NOAA report is still not working either locally or on my web server.


not sure whats up there,
no other reports of ths problem…
any errors under view, program error log?
is it ok now with the new month started?

It’s still not working correctly. Today it is up to date to June 2nd, but has missed June 3rd. There are no errors in the error log.


mine is the same about a day, so if today is 4 June then the noaa that uploads is 2 June .

BUT if I go to view /show averages, it is right there. I also have an email copy that comes and it is also back 2 days.


Mine is a day behind also. Started back in 9.78. Runs a day behind, but up to date in view averages/ extremes.

must have happended when i fixed the report printing a day too early at end of the month, or maybe…

i will check, but i guess i am doing it before the day has finished (i.e before the daily reset time)

humm, thats not it
and it actualy does get the data from the view, averages/extreme window too!
i actualy have the same thing