monthly report additions for GERMAN

Hi Brian!

Please add/change the following textpassages in bold to/in the monthly report for the GERMAN-version:

Durchschnitts- und Extremwerte Tag: 01

Durchschnittstemperatur 2.9

is the latest vers better dennis?

Yes! Very well done! :smiley:

…but please use a captal letter for the “u” :slight_smile: - just for cosmetic reasons.

Just generated the monthly report for June new, because of a data change I’ve made.

I noticed that in the new month-report the time addition (for german) looks like this:

Max.Regenmenge pro Minute 4.0 mm am: 30 um 23:50 uHr

i knew you wanted a capital changed, and i could not remmeber which of the three!
will fix!