Monthly NOAA Report

How could I create a monthly noaareport with Date/rain/Temp 7 am/2 pm/9 pm/Temp Min/Max. For my statistics it is very necessary having this every month! Please help! :frowning:

Thanks very much!

can you explain the times you want again?
i could add in user set times for the daily reset (instead of 9am or midnight)
is that what you need?

This would be a good idea:

winter: 9 pm
summer: 10 pm

Rain: winter: 7 am
summer: 8 am


(But for the mentioned list, it doesn’t matter and doesn’t change anything)

in a new vers 9.75 you can now go to the noaa setup in the averages/extreme setup, and set the daily reset time for the temperature, wind and rain
but at the moment , they are all reset according to the temperature reset time
next to make them individual