Monthly minimum in reports show 0 (even the minimum is over 0)

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Your problem is probably ? cauesd by an old version of Leuven-wuReports.

loaded script: startReports.php (101): 4.01 2018-07-22 | Release version

Those are stand-alone scripts not ready for PHP8.2
Also they are EOL but supported on the wx-forum Support of "Leuven" WeatherUnderground scripts

The version for PWS_Dashboard, is supported as is.

$scrpt_vrsn_dt = 'PWS_wureports.php|01|2021-05-16|

Download a.s.o.

PWS-Reports-History available for 2012_lts

You have to question yourself if this error is worth switching to another version.
Those specialised scripts are meant to be used by a station owner investigate the historical weather-station data. You know the zero values are wrong but are those values essential to you?

When switching to the more recent version, you maybe have to delete all current WU-data and let the scripts download it again from WU.
Do that at the end of the day as WU only allows 1500 API-calls each day.


P.S. Just out of curiosity:
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