Monthly and Annual Rain Missing

I have just done a full update build 83 (18th Oct 01:58:22) and have noticed blank rain totals on the Main screen and on WDL apart from today’s 4.4mm.

Since writing this two hours ago today’s rain has increased from 4.4mm to 4.6mm and the Month and Annual total is now 0.2mm.

The Rain to Date image is showing monthly rain data.

Does anybody have any ideas?

which version did you upgrade from?
also make sure to not have set to use the console rain totals in the weather station type setup

I updated from the previous full version 83 (16th Oct).
Only because I wondered if the small current cost font change might be there.
The tick box in Station set up that you refer to is unticked. I haven’t been to that screen since setting up 12 months ago.

when you say blank rain totals, how do you mean exactly?

Why this happened after a normal update is a mystery to me.
I noticed straight away that the rain figures on the main screen (bottom left) were not showing the correct data.
I looked at 08:00 and we had rain in the early hours of 4.4mm.
The five rain totals were then showing 0.00, 4.40, 0.00, 0.00 & 0.00
During the morning we must have had a shower (I was out of the district for a while) of another 0.2mm so the five figures then showed
0.20, 4.60mm, 0.00, 0.20mm & 0.20mm

The historical data is still on the Rain to Date graph/details page (clicking the rain totals to bring it up).

In order to get the figures corrected I have used the offset and initial rain input to put back this years figures so the totals on the main screen are now correct. Whether this was the correct thing to do under the circumstances I am not sure and I will monitor the data tomorrow.

not sure why the data was lost for you
was there any errors under view, program event log when that version started up?

ps the latest zip update has the font of the current cost set now

As far as I can see no program log errors were recorded.
I did however notice that at 08:23 on the 18th Oct (the time I did the update) a strange zero hour and minutes figure appeared. See file.
Putting the rain totals back manually has fixed the problem for me whatever its cause.

Thanks for the font colour change.