Monthly all time records

I am getting the below for my July all time record for the month. I see that some are updating but it seems to like June better… Any suggestions?

it would seem that the reset of these values was missed at the month roll over (it worked OK for me)…maybe becuase wd was not running at the month change over or it had an erorr then
so, reset these values, under action, reset selected all time records, and reset those ones still showing june

ok, now I have today’s values and I will put in the difference manually. then we should be on track.

I did have wd working. Must have been some odd error. go figure !!!

I did what you said and had to manually enter some data. Of course the temperature for the coldest day is only 122F but should reset itself later today.

I have temporarly taken it off the web page until the temp shows back right. I hate to have someone have a stroke about the odd temperature