Monitoring FTP-upload clientraw.txt Looking for script or advice

WD 10.37S106


I am having an annoying problem with the clientraw.txt ftp upload.
At some point my website will lock up and the clientraw.txt won’t upload for more than 10 minutes.(Upload every 30 seconds)
Sometimes less minutes and it does this at random so it seems.
Hard to say when this happens, it will upload ok for half a day or so or it will lock up 3 times an hour. #-o
I am suspecting my luftdaten sensor has something to do with this.(Set up with WD)
The FTP log will say Interrupted.
Searching for this on , most likely ISP problem.
I don’t think it is or maybe, I think uploading luftdaten sensor data to the luftdaten website and clientraw.txt at the same time is a problem.
Router/network problem?

I am looking for a script that is monitoring the upload of the clientraw.txt and email me when it doesn’t.
I have checked out the flatline.php script but I think you have to set this to 30 minutes, that’s way too long, I was more looking for maybe 1 or 2 minutes.
I like to monitor when it is going offline and when it will be back online, see if there is a pattern.

If anyone has advice what to look for, much appreciated.


ps When I add tags for purpleair pm25 max and purpleairpm10 max to my testtags.txt, it will write data to my testtags.php once and my website will lock up untill I remove these tags again from the testtags.txt. #-o #-o

do you have use passive mode in use set?

Yes, Use passive mode is ticked.

FTP window says “Entering passive mode” when uploading.

Also ticked is:

Stay connected even if new connection established.

I am uploading every 30 seconds, would it be wise to uncheck this?

I wonder if could move to using a web socket to get the clientraw data to the server

Sorry, I do not understand what you replied.
My apologies.