Missing WU rader image

Does anyone have any idea why I just recently lost 1 of the 5 weather underground radar images. I have changed nothing in the code it just mysteriously stopped showing a couple of days ago. It is the default zoom level on my front page, and if you click on the “radar”… “local radar” menu options you will see that it is also the only 1 of the 5 different zoom levels that doesn’t show. I checked several other forum members sites and didn’t see the same problem, so I really think it’s a weather underground change or problem…further to enforce that is another PWS that lives fairly close by and uses the same location in WU is not showing the same map as well…any help or info would be greatly appreciated…I use KWLX

My website…http://www.wessb.com/weather/index.php

and the other local one I mentioned…http://quickskys.com/wxradar.php?mode=4&animated=1&track=1&advisories=0&lightning=0#WUtop


Noticed the same thing on my page - Must be a glitch at WU?


Greg -

Its been like this for a few days for me.


SAME HERE and also for the other Northeast sites that were using that radar image on their homepages.

for the time being I switched my own to this image:


code in the index.php changed like this:


Regional Radar

Thanks Chris,
I used your suggestion. I thought it would resolve itself, after 1-2 days. I guess not until Monday, when people go back to work. Annoying now because large weather system moving through region.

It appears someone noticed the problem…mine just moments ago started working normally again.