Missing step between Converting Logfiles to Data files and Updating Whole Month!

Hi, I have an unusual issue that I cannot resolve. It seams to be a common issue on this forum but following the many solutions that have sorted it for others, I still cannot resolve my situation with missing data.
I have days missing from my monthly report aswell as wrong rain data (February)
I imported Wunderground CSV
I converted log files to data files
When I check my data file for February all the days and correct information are there
When I View Average/Extremes/Reports and click on Update whole month now, The missing days do not appear and the wrong data does not change and therefore all NOAA style reports are still wrong.
Have I missed a step between converting Logfiles to Data Files and Updating Whole Month Now?
Recreating the web page averages/extremes does not sort the problem.
Any help would be appreciated.