Missing data in the Daily report for January 2003

I looked at the data in the Daily report for December 2002 and at the end of the report are all kinds of wind and other graphs but looking at the Daily report for January 2003 there are no graphs? Is this a new direction or an error?

it is the file weekrep.htm
that has the graphs, and direction plots , etc

Let me restate then … The links that WD puts on the Default web page that looks like :

If you select ANY month in the year 2002 it shows much more information than the months in 2003. Something is missing from the links. See my web site for a live view.

Can someone else check their setup and see if its doing the same?


Seems I’m OK:

WD 9.49C
WIN2000, P1.5, 256MB

billybob, thats not the file I’m talking about. Look at the image I posted above. Follow these links.

he links go to



check what they are like locally and remotly
the weekrep.htm, which has links to these files, has the other images at the end

They look the same locally on the WD server as they do on the web. I had a look at BillyBobs and his reports exibit the exact same problem. All graphs reached via the links on the default WD generated web page as of last year have the graphs (apparently weekrep.htm and all time records to date) appended to the bottom. This year they do not. What can I check next?

************************** UPDATE **********************
Wait a minute. I just noticed this data at the bottom of all the monthly summaries is this years last weeks graph data duh!. I thought it was the last week for each of the months???
Ok Brian
A.) Why is this data there?
B.) Should it be there?

Keep in mind that I do not use anything but the default generated WD web page.