Missing chunks of data from middle of the night

THis is odd…

I was looking at WD this am and the graph and times on the bottom right were weird.

Looking at the data in the logfile between 1-2am there are huge chunks of data missing - see screen shot (especially in the 2am hour).

Then it picked right back up again. Any thoughts???

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 8.31.58 AM.png

I saw the exact same thing here in my data. Coincidence? Only happened once here. I have been fighting an issue where WD is locking up around 0300 and I figured it was related to that since the gaps in data were between midnight and 0300. Thanks for posting, now I know to verify and check my data.

WOW thats odd.

I checked console log for that time period. Nothing earth shattering there (attached)

will not be related at all Norcaldan
for starters : are you running the Mac version?

…not saying it’s a WD issue…there are other possibilities…

I dont think your problem is related at all to this thread…you are just confusing things in this thread.

Since I’m the one who posted it…

Brian any reasons why in the middle of the night like that it would be missing such a big chunk of data?

Nothing interesting in console logs. No power or weather issues that might of knocked it out etc

I have had WD for 5+ years now and never seen this one.

It has been fine since. Just merely reporting. I am on the current build (11 I think it is).


I am on the current build (11 I think it is).
the current mac version is build 12 though build 11 is old and you should find that version runs much faster (but you cant download at the moment as the WD server is undergoing maintenance (shifting to a faster data access point acually)...will be down for the next 7 hours or so

Thanks… I will grab that as soon as I can

But lets be honest, B111 is not “old” I mean especially when B112 wasn’t even avail to download and has only been out a few days max.

Having said that, I take it you have never seen this nor know of anything that would cause this - which is what I was looking for.

No biggie… If it happens again, I will post

Thanks again for all your help

build 12 has been available for some time

as to possible cause:
most like a spawned cron program is hung
(e.g wunderground was down, ftp server was down or similar)