Missed Data -> history data from WMR200

Hi folks,

I’m used Weather Display Basic v10.37j build 01 with the Oregon Scientific WMR200.

I was intending to upgrade to the proper version of Weather Display, but having come back from (2 weeks) holiday and reconnected the WMR200 all I get in the History Extraction Window is line after line of the message “Missed data”. Sometimes I’ll get the message “No more missed data count 1”. At the bottom it says “Looking for data from 09:43:00 02/05/09” which I’m assuming could be the last time it was connected.

I got back from holiday a week ago, and the WMR200 has been connected since then with no resolution; still the “Missed data” messages.

Any ideas?

As mentioned I’m ready to buy the upgrade, but I’m wary of upgrading without resolving this first in case it causes more problems.


Have you looked at the WMR200 data logging problems FAQ?

Thanks for the reply.

The upgrade sorted it! I hadn’t realised there was a newer version of the basic.

Out of curiosity, if Oregon aren’t distributing Weather Display basic, what are they distributing with the WMR200?

they have an in house solution now

Is it possible to download the software?

The only software available for download at their UK site is Weather Display Basic.

I can’t seem to access their US site.

I’m curious to see whether it’s any good.


OK, so that’s fairly dreadful!

I’ve upgraded to Weather Display (currently in the trial, as I’m waiting for the auth code) and still having the same problem that only the Maximum wind speeds are shown - no other data is listed.

The history extraction window says it is looking for data from the 26th May, but keeps finding data from 00:00 on 0/0/2000, which seems a little odd.

I have completed the steps in the WMR200 data logging FAQ, and have attached the wmr200history.txt file (which is very small).

Any ideas?

At this point I’d rather get it working if it means losing all the historical data, although keeping it would be nice.

wmr200history.txt (375 Bytes)

Also here are screenshots of the main display and history window, in case that helps.

my guess, from my experience is

  1. check time and date match as close as possible between console and PC.
  2. as was pointed out to me recently on clearing WMR200 console data by skyewright, it will start logging from when turned on and until the time is set, will hold data for that time and date. if you clear the console data, it will get rid of that “ghost data”. i just had to clear mine for data it was holding from about 70 days ago.
    the more experienced on here could probably add more.

also maybe someone could help on whether it may be advisable, if you don’t have much data history, to do a fresh install with the full version. a lot of my trouble came from bad data when i first started it and seemed to ripple out slowly. by the time i considered a restart i had data i didn’t want to lose.
i don’t know enough to recommend anything, but maybe the following might work???
fresh install of latest build WD.
match time and date on console to PC time (my WMR200 doesn’t keep good time).
clear console data.
connect console and start software
keep console in good range of sensors - especially rain guage.
Keep usb cable free of interference.
keep WD and console running as much as possible.

I also find that the WMR200 gains time, but currently it is almost identical to the PC i.e. within a few seconds. Seems a bit ironic as it’s supposed to pick up the radio time signal, which mine isn’t able to do. Although I have two other OS clocks that are downstairs and do pick it up without issue.

I should stress that until the last few weeks the WD was working fine. It seems to have been the holiday break that put the kibosh on it.

I might just try resetting the WMR200 and wiping the memory, and see what happens. I’ll report back.

OK, and that seems to have fixed it. It took a few seconds for Weather Display to come live, but now the display has all the current data.