Minimum Soil Temperature

Since I have installed another remote sensor to measure the soil temperature, I get readings for the maximum soil temperature only, but when does the minimum soil temperature record onto the “All Time Records” section of WD. Should this be created at the end of day, and how can I prove it is working!

under weather station type, davis vp extra sensors, do you have it set you have a soil temp sensor?

also try ressettign the all time record low soil temperature…
it should get set as the reading occurs

Thanks Brian, I shall let you know.

Also, can you please advise me the best location and depth for the soil sensor probe. I was advised about 50mm deep, but in what location? I assume away for any buildings - but is it important if it was in an exposed area, or a place where it is sunny (south facing)!

I would had thought the ideal place was where it was in the shade, and away from a building … but how far?

I have mine at a 4 inch depth. However, the recommendation is to “plant” the sensor at the depth of the root zone of the crop you are monitoring.

ISU has theirs at 4, 5 and 10 inch depth.

10cm or 15 cm is the standard in this country
5cm is too shallow

OK Brian, but what about the location … a shaded or sunny place and also does it matter if it was close to the house?

sunny open grassy area, me thinks, and too close to the house,but that wont have too much of an effect as long as say 5 metres away

right, I better relocate it then, as it is at present 50mm (2 inches) deep and in a shaded spot.

50mm is 5 cm
2 inches is 60cm or so
thats 600mm


anycase yes i 2 inches is too deep me thinks
and will be getting heat from the earths molten core

Hey Brian, I dont know what you are using to measure with, but over here, 2.5cm (25mm) = 1 inch! Are your measure the same as ours… as US gallons are different to UK gallons.