Minimum Pressure, YTD Records, Averages/Extremes

Merry Xmas Brian!
In my Records year to date, under Averages/Extremes, the minimum pressure is listed as 30.3 mb. My logfile for February 2002 shows the pressure was 1012mb at that time. Any ideas?

Average humidity = 61 %
Average dewpoint = 7.7

i would say that you have some log file entries that were in US units (i.e that is a barometer reading in inches), so you will need to check for those in your log files …
but i will add a check that if you have metric log file option (under units setup), it does not use a inches barometer record

Hi Brian,
I checked the log files and found the entry, but it is not at the time or date specified in the records?

18 2 2002 22 33 29.0 62 17.6 30.348 0 0 0 0.000 0.000 1.339 6.929 29.0


i will add that check i said in the next version, and it will solve it anyway
maybe there is still another one there lurking