Minimum 1-Wire Weather PC Specifications

Hey guys,

What would be the minimum spec PC that could be used to run a 1-wire weather station reliably(wind speeed/dir, temp, humidity, rainfall, lightning and solar sensors)?

I am currently running WD on a old laptop that worked OK when it had a WS2310 WX Staion connected, but now I find that the 1-Wire network really taxes the PC causes a lot of lock ups and errors. I’d liek to replace the laptop with a desktop, but as it would be second hand, it would be great to be able to get any other WD users advice as to what the minimum processor speed, RAM and HDD requirements are…

Cheers lads, :smiley:


I am currently running WD on a 1ghz Thinkpad using a WS3610 station with no problems. I am building a complete 1 wire weather station and would like to run it on the same Thinkpad. Do you think it will work, or should I think of trying to get more power.



I was running my entire One Wire System on a 1Ghz Toshiba Laptop with 512MB RAM and Win XP. This PC worked well when it was just receiving Lacrosse 2310 data, however, since building my complete 1 - Wire station, it really started to make the laptop work hard. I have since moved my entire setup and now run a complete 1 - Wire/Lacrosse 2310 hybrid station on a Win XP Pentium 4 2.8Ghz PC with 1G of RAM. Absolutley no issues whatsoever. The PC runs 24/7 and works all the time. I think its fair to say that One Wire eats up processor cycles, If you watch Task manager for a few minutes while WD is polling a One Wire station, you will see the CPU Usage spike every 2-3 seconds to around 50%. On my laptop, that spike was 100% and after a few days, would cause the system to become unstable especially during a FTP upload to my weather site. Also, opening multiple graph windows in WD while the WD main screen was running was VERY slow on the laptop and would often cause the laptop to crash.

I would say if you want to use all of WD’s features, and have a reliable WX station, use/get the most computing power you can afford or have on hand!! :smiley:

Hi Macca,

Thanks for getting back to me. I will keep your computer recommendations in mind as I start to bring my new 1 wire system online. Probably this spring.