Minimal Weather Web Page

I have long been mentioning I wanted to make a very simple “Weather at a Glance” web page template…

Well here it is…

Note this is being updated rather infrequently from the web cam WD install and is for display purposes only…

There is one glitch with the display page “Next update” time which may be as a result of not having a very complete update schedule, will continue to watch that and see…

It requires setting it as a wxlocalX.html file in your web files directory. (X must be replaced with 2 through 40, your choice)
Then make sure you have a 5 day forecast being downloaded, and then open “Custom Internet file creation and upload” make sure you have the following enabled:
#9 trends.gif
#18 summary.gif
#32 Moon icon

Then select the wxlocalX.html file that matches the number you set above and set the file creation and upload times…

Simple but “Weather at a Glance” :wink:

The template is located at the below URL as a text file. Open in your browser then either copy and paste into a new notepad file and name it as shown above or Use your Browser to “Save File/Page as”, making sure it is saved as the file name you want to use ending in .html


That’s the spirit!

(Bob, you’re missing the text link. #-o )

Dohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh read the post, preview the post, read the post, preview the post and still blow it :oops: