Min/max temp errors; extra sensor error

I’m a fairly new user of WD and appreciate all the help from forum users. I’ve looked for answers to these two riddles, but obviously I’m posting this because I can’t seem to find a solution.

1.) Since somewhere around ver 9.54 my daily minimum and/or maximum temperatures have been wrong on the main screen, though not in the log.

Today, the low was really 47.6 at 03:28, byt the display shows 13.8 at 08:14. The log says at 08:14, it was 47.3.

If I use "reset daily minimum, the display shows 1832 degrees (no decimal!) for a few seconds and then fills in the current temperature.

2.) I have three extra sensors for my WMR 968. The console displays the values properly. But on the WD main screen, to the right of the Average wind speed, I get strange readings. Right now it cycles through these–

-267.7 F 0% #8
194.0F 120%
14.0 F 101%

Sometimes the #1 sensor displays correct values, but the #2 and #3 never show up.

I intended to include the image, but I don’t quite understand the syntax. (Sorry–help on this will be appreciated, too.)

All suggestions are welcome.