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I would like to create this thread where I will post information about new features, fixes and updates in general.

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A brand new plug in is now available.

The script loads NOAA data regarding current absolute extremes for all the US states. This includes the highest ever recorded temperature, lowest ever recorded temperature, highest ever recorded precipitation in 24h, highest snowfall in 24h and highest snow depth.

The data from NOAA is checked once per day and cached.

Each record also includes the station where the particular value was measured and clicking on the station name opens a map, which shows location and some more information about this particular COOP station.

Data can also be viewed as a sortable list or as an interactive graph.


A brand new plugin, which can be very useful to those using the Davis WL-IP router is now available. If your WL-IP router is sending data 24/7 to, then you can use this plugin to update your database for the template. This means there is no need to have your PC or WeatherLink software running and your data on your page and your database are still being updated.

Instructions on how to use are included in the ZIP file.


P.S. As I do not own WL-IP myself I was not able to test it as thouroughly as I normally do, so please let me know if there are any problems.

Hi, I have created a nice new little plugin, which Im sure some of you will find quite useful.

This plugin allows generating image stickers with current conditions from the stations. These images can then easily be used for example as signatures in forums etc.

Several sticker sizes are available and each one can be further customized in terms of its text, parameters displayed and colors used. All you need to do is download the ZIP file, upload it to your plugins directory and you can use it.



This is just to let you know I have just released an update of Meteotemplate to version 1.1. Probably the most visible change is something many of you have asked for

hello my love #-o

when i first set up my DB,ive only imported for 2015…but i still have logs from 2014…

Can i still import them ?
Is it too late?
Would it be better to re do the whole DB starting from 2014

thanks :wink:

Hi Carl,

no, you can of course import whatever you like. The way these scripts work is that you can add any logs and after each import, the database again sorts by date, moving your most recent import “in front of” the previous if the dates are before it. So if your 2015 logs worked then I would assume there should be absolutely no problems with 2014.

A simple new plugin is now available, which calculates the Fire Danger Index (CBI) based on current conditions and displays it on a gague along with the actual value.


Hi…just installed the plugin,added a link in the menu and,of course getting a blank page…looked in the wiki and no clue for a proper way to install it…so GUESSED IT


Carl there is nothing in the wiki because there is a general guide as to how to install a plugin and this one is no way different. Basically you unzip the folder, upload it to plugins folder and you are done :smiley:

A new plug in is now available, which shows current weather around the world on an interactive map and in a sortable table.


  • displays weather conditions for various cities in the world
  • possibility to choose parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, apparent temperature, dewpoint, wind speed, visibility)
  • values also provided in a table (clicking on rows shows location on the map with an infobox and detailed data)
  • data in table can be sorted
  • weather conditions shown as icons, also reflecting day/night
  • points on map colored based on values
  • conditions cached for faster loading (10 minutes)
  • units reflect global Meteotemplate settings
  • easy customization


it works and looks good!
strange problem with scrolling to the bottom of the web page though?

Hi Brian, what exactly do you mean? I dont have any problems with scrolling? There is the map and table below that. I tried Chrome and FF and I am not sure what you are talking about.

Btw. “it works” - you meant you checked or did you manage to get it working on your web?

I was just viewing your demo of the stations around the world
my internet is often slow and spotty here currently and so was probably that the web page had now completed loading
(the problem was when I went to scroll to the bottom it would jump to the top, sort of thing)

I don’t have a scrolling problem with IE and Chrome. I do find the sort order of the cities (highest pop?) is a bit confusing.

The sort is kind of random, because clicking on the column headers sorts them by whatever you want - name, parameters etc.

I see that works, maybe add a heading for the city column, it didn’t occur to me there was anything to click on.

Oops…thanks for mentioning that, of course there should have been that sorting arrow icon just like in the other columns, I just missed that…

Btw. Niko, I worked on the gauges yesterday, I posted a first screenshot in the other thread. When I came back home today I continued working on it and I added the actual value fields and now I finally managed to get the Ajax calls working so I think we are on the right track and I will have more info during the weekend. Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know. I will go to bed soon as it is almost 4AM, but I will continue with it tomorrow, I only have to go to work in the afternoon and evening is free :slight_smile:

A new plugin is now available called “Space Weather”.


  • display of current data about the Sun (solar wind speed, magnetic field, radio flux) updated minutely
  • alerts related to the Sun
  • tables and graphs with recent solar related events (flares etc.)
  • description of the parameters


  • no need to set up anything, just follow the standard procedure for installing updates described in the wiki


Hi, Jachym

Working great as Always right out of the box!

Still having a little difficulties with the menu-tree, but i will surely overcome that in a matter of time. Would you please consider a script for my wxsim-forecasts? I’ ve already tried to incorporate it with the help of the “blank” template, but there are to much files to consider. And something for air-pollution would be great too!

Your biggest tallest fan!