Meteoalarm translation

I am unable to get the translation to Dutch in pwsdashboard in the meteoalarm script.
How do I change the translation?

  • Use the test/debug console: Module test PWS_Dashboard
  • Select the appropriate module to test advisory_c_small top left selector
  • Click “Test-it” button

In the frame below the output of that block is displayed including the missing translations.
Rightclick inside the iframe, select “Show html” or similar command to show the source-code of the frame
You are using the seldom used meteoalarm RSS script and the language file has some missing words

 |No active warnings|No active warnings|       #wrnWarningEU-RSS.php
 |Snow/Ice|Snow/Ice|       #wrnWarningEU-RSS.php
 |Thunderstorms|Thunderstorms|       #wrnWarningEU-RSS.php
 |High Temperature|High Temperature|       #wrnWarningEU-RSS.php
 |Low Tempeture|Low Tempeture|       #wrnWarningEU-RSS.php
 |Coastal Event|Coastal Event|       #wrnWarningEU-RSS.php
 |Forestfire|Forestfire|       #wrnWarningEU-RSS.php
 |Avalanches|Avalanches|       #wrnWarningEU-RSS.php
 |Flood|Flood|       #wrnWarningEU-RSS.php
 |Rain-Flood|Rain-Flood|       #wrnWarningEU-RSS.php
 |Until|Until|       #wrnWarningEU-RSS.php

Add them to the appropriate language file . .

Succes, Wim


Thanks a lot!
It is translated again.


Here the same, I don’t see the translation into Dutch.
Used the CAP file (since this morning it works again here in NL).
See screenshot and language file.

Language file

Gr. Arie

Hi Arie,
Find this languagefile and and add the missing words.
Add them to the appropriate language file . . …nl/pwsWD09/languages/lang_nl.txt as Wim advised.

After that it works.
Good luck!


Hello Oebel,

I understand you, but this translation is already in the language file, see the screenhots in the above post.
So for me not working.

Gr. Arie.

Doesn’t work for me too.
Translation is in my language file.
Some work, others don’t.
Always having problem with the Fog warning too.

OK for the Dutch meteoalarm CAP users to test

Unzip attached folder
Add the lines from the file “add_to_lang_nl.txt” to the bottom of the . .pwsWD/languages/lang_nl.txt
Upload the new wrnWarningEU-CAP.php script to the pwsWD/ folder

The translations in the small box should work.
But those are not standardised texts.
I have to scan more CAP files to see which other "descriptions are used.
= = =
For other languages one can do the same after translating the add_to_lang_nl.txt file to your language.
But it seems that some countries already translate the “event” to their native language, especially if they use only 1 language

Have fun,
Wim (9.9 KB)

Hello Wim,

This is the solution, it looks for now.
So as i can see it has something to do with the (non)capital letter at the beginning of the word/warning, the previous version stumbled on that.


Greetings Arie

I wished it was that simple.
These are the event-texts as used in Austria-Belgium-Netherlands

    [Hitzewarnung] => 35
    [Heatwarning] => 35
    [Gewitterwarnung] => 56
    [Thunderstormwarning] => 56
    [Kältewarnung] => 20
    [Coldwarning] => 20
    [Windwarnung] => 191
    [Stormwarning] => 191
    [awareness_type=07,awareness_level=1.0] => 4704
    [awareness_type=12,awareness_level=1.0] => 5518
    [Moderate snow-ice warning] => 108
    [Minor rain warning] => 78
    [Minor low-temperature warning] => 78
    [Minor high-temperature warning] => 114
    [Minor snow-ice warning] => 426
    [Minor fog warning] => 90
    [Minor Wind warning] => 30
    [Minor wind warning] => 92
    [Minor thunderstorm warning] => 78
    [Moderate high-temperature warning] => 10
    [Moderate Wind warning] => 4
    [Moderate thunderstorm warning] => 4
    [Groene waarschuwing voor sneeuw ijzel] => 158
    [Avertissement verte de shute de neige verglas] => 158
    [Green warning for ice snow] => 158
    [Grüne Warnung fur Glätte] => 158
    [Gele waarschuwing voor sneeuw ijzel] => 22
    [Avertissement jaune de shute de neige verglas] => 22
    [Yellow warning for ice snow] => 22
    [Gelbe Warnung fur Glätte] => 22
    [Groene waarschuwing voor regen] => 16
    [Avertissement verte de pluie] => 16
    [Green warning for rain] => 16
    [Grüne Warnung fur Regen] => 16
    [Oranje waarschuwing voor hittegolf] => 5
    [Avertissement orange vague de chaleur] => 5
    [Orange warning for heatwave] => 5
    [Orange Warnung fur heisse] => 5
    [Gele waarschuwing voor regen] => 11
    [Avertissement jaune de pluie] => 11
    [Yellow warning for rain] => 11
    [Gelbe Warnung fur Regen] => 11
    [Oranje waarschuwing voor sneeuw ijzel] => 2
    [Avertissement orange de shute de neige verglas] => 2
    [Orange warning for ice snow] => 2
    [Orange Warnung fur Glätte] => 2
    [Gele waarschuwing voor onweer] => 1
    [Avertissement jaune orage] => 1
    [Yellow warning for thunderstorm] => 1
    [Gelbe Warnung fur Gewitter] => 1

So i have to find another way of doing the translations.

Sorry, that didn’t work out for me.
Copied the translations to the lanquage file and updated wrnWarningEU-CAP.php

Module test

No, it could not as the test-update was for wrnWarningEU-CAP.php and you selected to use the ATOM version.

wrnWarningEU-ATOM.php(35) loaded  =>wrnWarningEU-ATOM.php|01|2021-08-03|
wrnWarningEU-ATOM.php (40) include_once =>PWS_livedata.php
wrnWarningEU-ATOM.php (116)  areas=NL009, NL802 countries=NL
wrnWarningEU-ATOM.php (316) loading from cache: ./jsondata/warningEU2.arr which is 170 seconds old

As the Netherlands-CAP file continuous to grow, I think we can not use the CAP version for stations in the Netherlands. Better stick with ATOM there.

The cause of this is: Those are free text fields, some “warning-writers” use a capital at the first position, others add different words.
F.i. “Wind warning” and “wind warning” Humans do not notice that but scripts need extra code.

Also the Netherlands does not put the Dutch words in the event field, but only English text.
Other countries use translations, f.i. Belgium. In austria the texts are correct, no need to adept the code. In Belgium the first language is always Dutch, and I will not offend the French or German speaking part of Belgium.

It will take a few days at least to adept the 3 scripts to use a translation scheme which works.


Hi everyone,
I am also having problems translating this Meteoalarm block, I see that on the Lang_it.txt file, all the meteoalarm entries are missing, both in English and in Italian, could you send me the list, so as to update the file. Lang_it.txt?

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but lines 75-8 of wrnWarningEU-CAP.php show

$warntypes      = array('none_0',            
                        'wind',            'snow-ice',     'thunderstorm', 'fog',        'high-temperature',
                        'low-temperature', 'coastalevent', 'forest-fire', 'avalanches', 'rain',
                        'none-11',         'flooding',     'rain-flood');

Lines 265 and 338 do the translation.

But shouldn’t the translations be done automatically?

Yes, but you have to put them in lang_it.txt:

|thunderstorm warning|(Italian translation)|


Ok, could you send me the list to be included on lang_it.txt also in English of the alert terms, and I will translate them.

I already did. . . lines 75-8 of wrnWarningEU-CAP.php

I just put the translations like this in the Lang_it.txt file:
#EU Warnings Cap Atom
|none_0|Nessun Allerta|
|wind|Allerta Vento|
|snow-ice|Allerta Neve-Ghiaccio|
|thunderstorm|Allerta Temporali|
|fog|Allerta Nebbia|
|high-temperature|Allerta Alte Temperature|
|low-temperature|Allerta Basse Temperature|
|coastalvent|Allera Vento sulle Coste|
|forest-fire|Allerta Incendi|
|avalanches|Allerta Valanghe|
|rain|Allerta Piogge|
|none-11|Nessun Allerta|
|flooding|Allerta Allagamenti|
|rain-flood|Allerta Alluvione|

But it doesn’t translate on the script, why? And even if I debug the list of translations does not appear.

You have to enter

|wind warning|Allerta Vento|
|snow-ice warning|Allerta Neve-Ghiaccio|