Brian esp., or anyone who might have an idea,
This has been an age old problem for me. Can you think of any settings, esp. timers, that might allow the zone forecasts to download perfectly, everytime, via the “test” button, but not at all, or maybe seldomly, via a scheduled download? :cry:

make sure you are setting up the FTP download times…
i.e you can make the metar download times visible by clicking on that button…

but have you tried setting the time to a time where nothing else occurs?

Thanks Brian, no they’re set up correctly. I should saw I’m using FTP 11.25 (“old” one). It starts out like it should, checks into the zone report server, selects the correct report and just sits there until it times out then starts uploading my page after switching to my host server.

I’m running the same set up on both coniferwx and southparkwx and have played with the conifer timers and can get it to download once or twice per day, on hourly attempts. On southparkwx I have left the timers on default and it went three weeks of hourly attempts doing the above with no success, until I gave up and shut it down this afternoon.

Could their be something in 11.25 that’s not giving that final command to commence the download after it checks into the server? I’ve sat and watched it a million times and that seems to be what is happening?

oh, 11.25
yes, there could be something wrong there
i need to get the current ftp verison OK for dial up (its just the disconnect that is not correct)
but you say a test works everytime…

Yes a test works all the time. I’ve been messing around with the timers on the connections drop down, only on coniferwx, and it seems to help some. Also, could 11.25 have anything to do with my inability to get the forecast5day.gif to populate? Just thought of that.

I just tried to download latest wd version to try that ftp for a little while since I’ll be around the computer for a couple days now and I get a corrupted file when I try to down load.

I think we’re on to something here. I just went and downloaded the ftp version you said to use for dialups (x.42?) and replaced 11.25 with it, since I couldn’t get the latest WD version to download. Guess what!? My forecast5day.gif populated for the first time in weeks! Better ditch 11.25!

thats good!
i need to get back what i did to make that good vers for dial ups the same as for the current vers (i am kicking myself on that one)