I have suddenly got this metar message? Is anyone else getting it?

403 Forbidden


You don't have permission to access /pub/data/observations/metar/decoded/KIKV.TXT on this server.

someone else has reported that
my NZ metars are OK
so its you guys heading for war against iraq , was one reason I was given.
i.e they have blocked access,for US weather station condtions, so the enemy cant get them, or something like that!
what do you think?>

they showed backup this morning. Maybe they are testing . I have noticed a lot more noaa, military and government looking at the site via the sitemeter tracking lately. about 4% military, 3% government and 1% noaa. :roll:

I suppose we might go to war, why? not sure. Not everyone here is for one. Hope we can avoid this one. But they just put 11,000 people off the coast of Iraq in the past few days. :frowning:


How do you monitor who is viewing the site?

I use a free-bee sitemeter
they have a thing called details and it gives some of the info.

on the bottom of the web page mine there is a url or if you want :

the stats are not bad. Because I am not a business, I opt for the free counter.

They have a counter that monitors organization at the bottom of the url for a particular site. :wink: