Metar.gif not displaying on webpage

Since dloading 9.82 & 9.82b I no longer have the metar.gif being updated,
uploaded. or displayed on webpage
I can get it to update gif using test button on metar download page
but the ftp program won’t upload it
It won’t display on webpage as the html code is missing from datahtm1
:o :o

Not sure how I fixed it but it is working again :!:
8O :lol: :roll:

whew, really>?!

Fixed it at Whitby Weather but can’t get it to work at Trentham Weather :?: OK At Silverstream Weather :roll: 8O

see here:

and if you are not using a metar to update wunderground/icon, then have this field blank, or at least matching one of the metars in the list of metars to download
( i need to fix this obscure bug)

i finally got this sorted…in the latest version

Works great at all 3 stations
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks Brian