METAR Gibbled in 9.52?

Trying to keep up with releases… the METAR downloads and shows data in the View - Downloaded METAR screen, but the main display does not show wind speed and direction. Any ideas? (Note this was working nicely but seems flaky now).


for the update station data from the metar?
email me the metar file and i will see

I think I figured it out: for some reason, the METAR for my station had no temperature and wind speed/dir readings for 4 hrs. Working fine now.


hey rutat, see i have FINALLY stopped the jumps in the temperature for the dalls 1 wire temp sensors! (note, the new 12 bit sensors and wd are OK)

in vers 9.53
no jumps here, and none for vinay either


although 1 line, indoor is bung, but it might be ok in 9.53

Will check it out! Looks good so far even in 9.52n. BTW, why does my 1-wire real time graph show nothing? METAR is fine.