Metar generated image error

Have a look at my summary image. Its showing a partly cloudy image when the metar states clound, misty,snowy??? In addition the current condition states Dry when its misting and the rain is showing rain???

I’m showing the same icon problems Rupp.

As far as the precipitation goes, when the metar says misting, I think the Current conditions will say dry unless your rain gauge has ticked over, which doesn’t happen often with a light mist.

When it rains and says dry, you might want to play with the “Minutes to check back for rain” in the setup.


Look! its showing rain. .002 Is it coming too slowly? Between the actual rain and the metar data it should be easy to determine if its raining?

Another thought Rupp…

Do you have ticked: Station wind/rain/fog overrrides Metar?


Keith, where is that setting. I don’t think I do because this has worked up until the last 5 or 6 deliveries of the software. But tell me where it is and I’ll check. Still again, if I did have it checked and its raining then it should show rain?

Ya Rupp… if you have it checked and it’s raining, it should show rain.
It’s located in the Summary Image Icon Setup, in the middle of the page.

…meanwhile, I think Brian is working on the Icon mismatch thing.


i have the light snow:mist now in a new 9.54
greg, i plugged in some values to take the temperature below 0oC for a 1 wire, and it was OK
not sure what is going wrong there

let me know of any other snow desciptions

What do I need to do to fix this??? Again I don’t think its a stary night according to the data:

5 Minutes later:

and here are my settings for the sumary image. My station information shouldn’t be updating anything as you can see:

and lastly my ftp/metar settings showig it should be using this info for the icon

Brian is there something I can do to get this back on track? I haven’t made a change in any of this information since I started using WD over a year ago? Any suggestions.

i will add in the light ice pellets;rain

its all these descriptive terms i need to get wd to check for you see!

if you tick use coded instead of decoded it might pick it up better
but i have added that last description for next vers