Metar data error

i don’t have a barometer or humidity sensor yet, so i set it to download that data from the local airport. i have a 1-wire v3 weather station. for some reason, it only downloads the data when i click test, not automaticly. i think i have everything set right. not sure what the problem is.

do you have times set for the metar download?
click on metar times to set those in the ftp download/metar setup page
and also check you have the main internet switch on too, under connections

yeah, i have all that correct, i don’t know why it won’t work, all the settings work and it does upload the data, but not automaticly.

email me your setting so i can check up on them…
go action, back up registry, then click on backup, then email me the files wdisplay.ini and wdisplayftp.reg from the folder databackup

ok, i have your settings, i willl post the solution here as well for others to see too:
you will need to tick use this metar to update weather displays data in the metar download setup
try that
and also, under setup, ftp/internet setup, connections setup, you need to tick use weather displays ftpupd.exe program
or at least tick use ftpupd.exe fopr all other
also, i see you have the real time svg and java dials setup, under setup, webfiles setup, but you do not have a ftp server set up to ftp the files to under setup, ftp/internet setup, connections


ok, thanks
it works now, i needed to turn on the ftp and set it to use the data. there is a comment there that says that to only use this data if you do not have a weather station. not sure exactly what that means. but it works now.
i don’t have it set to ftp the files anywhere because i don’t need to. the files are created localy and my server, which is in the same lan, is set to pull the files up over the lan. basicly, my webserver redirects the request for the files to my weatherstation server.

o, the tick to tick for a server is still use ftpupd.exe for everything else
and for the real time svg, tick you have your own server
but untick do the java dials upload in the webfiles/webpage/real time svg setup