METAR Background Color - Changing

Couple of Q on Metar bckground color changing… Last changed my one(!) downloaded in 2004 or so.
As I change my site, I’m downloading metars for Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, and working on creating my own.

I have my original one set to a pale yellow background; the PHoenix one (ony one I’ve tried right now) downloads okay, creates ok (found it in webfiles) but the background is greenish. Did some archive searching and found an old 2005/6 posting about windy changing things to change background colors.
However… in going to view panel… images… metar images… and clicking, i only get my original one for KCSG, with no sign of the PHX one. It is being created as I can display it from webfiles fine. so…

Where did I do off track? Was I ever on track? How do I display the multiple METAR’s and how do I change their background color, and, lastly, will i be able to change the color of my created METAR to match?

Thanks a bunch!


Nuther Question… When I setup Metar’s years ago, I did something to include the little condtions graphic, but for the life of me, i can’t figure out how to remve it… Any Pointers?




Still haven’t figured out how to remove that conditions icon… But… In playing around I noticed something…

On one of the 5 metar gif’s, down in the right hand corner, was a little box, with a slider, that contained all the metar codes i’d entered. I tried selecting one from it, and lo!, the metar for that site popped up,with the editing line above it. I changed the color from pink to yellow. I repeated this for the other 4 codes in the slider box. Now, I’ll wait for my hourly update and see how it went. There was also an option to expand /reduce the image area, so that will be helpful to resize all to a common size (if that’s what it’s for), as the Tucson line extends out of the box…

hope this helps out someone else…